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The ferry tragedy made me realize something. First of all, some people should go to prison for being LITTERALY stupid. Second of all, it confirmed how much I want to go live in South Korea, because people there have some GODDAMN RESPECT. You would hardly see any other countries put a stop to all media schedule over an incident. But they do. And everyone should show at least some respect to them. Your MV will be released anyway, but some people right now might never even see the face of their loved ones again. So please, stop acting like a damn brat & open your eyes. —Me (via peppergyu88)

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Such a handsome guy X_X | FROM TOP 

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TOP for Reebok

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Last month was my blog’s 1 year anniversary. And also for my celebration of reaching 6k followers, I make my second follow forever! Those are my friends and people you must follow below!! Thank you for making such an awesome blog and making my day wonderful

To my followers, thank you! Thank you so much for supporting me, although I hadn’t updated much this month. Anytime you can talk to me:))

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Sorry if I miss anyone of you but I admire to all the blogs I follow:))


His dance is the best gift from God.

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